Hmmm, well it’s been so long since I’ve really set myself up to film anything, to do anything with film, and well… my heart is wandering back. I have the strong desire to pick up my camera and just go, get for what? How will anything I create be used or even seen.

For those of you who might not know, or even realize my history in video, here is a quick overview. Started Cow Tipping Productions, Limited Liability Corporation back in 1999 when production started on our first major film around the subject of documenting the Freestyle skiing movement across the Midwest. It was very low budget (around $1600 in total) and at its conclusion was our first tape, ‘Good Ideas’ released in 2000) The next year, with a larger budget, more sponsors, and more name recognition, (mostly due to our sister project of we set about to do it all over again. More time, more travel, larger staff and more dedication we came out with Espionage. Still only on VHS.

At this point the events we were also running (yea, I had trouble saying no… still do at times) were starting to become more demanding. The next major production was a review of our 2003 event to help increase sponsor income and cast vision for the next event. It was our first release on DVD. From here I started getting smaller projects with video from different parts of the community. After our 2004 event, the Midwest Skier Open, the video production stopped as God shifted my life in a drastic way to missions and the cause of Christ.

So here I am, over four thousand miles from friends and family back home. Seemingly four thousand miles from my past and running hard after my future and now there is this. It’s as though my life has run back into one of my old passions. Capturing life in visual poetics. Now I’m not saying I’m all that good at it, only that it is one of my passions. Having talked and become friends with people all over the world (from China, the mid-east, Africa to Europe and of course America) my views and beliefs are radically different then four years ago when Christ saved me.

As of now I don’t know what this means, I don’t know why I have such a heart to pick my camera back up and film, but I know that it is there. Maybe these next months before I’m reunited with my camera will give me an opportunity to sort through other thoughts and gain direction, maybe something to do with my summer… Time will tell.

God bless you,