All of the world is nothing,
life is war,
you aren’t here and can’t see
what this life is doing to me

the skin is the same
everthing else has shifted.
you may see the one you know
but you don’t know him,
he’s gone, replaced with me

can you learn to love through loss
let go of him and hold me.
We look the same, but we aren’t
there is so much to share with you
without a place to start
hold my hand,
please… this hurts

there is no going back now
these eyes have seen to much,
I feel different now.
colors feel different now
your hand feels different now
don’t let go, I’m about to spin
are you ready
don’t worry
I’ve done this before
still not the same

there is no going back
time’s a one-way adventure
squeeze again and we’ll go.

I know where to start
close your eyes, tighter yet
you’ll see better.
I know where to start
it’ll be ok, your tough enough
just squeeze

(you’ll never be the same,
you’ll see,
close your eyes.)
~paul prins 2/25/06