It’s coming more and more to my attention that people aren’t thinking past themselves anymore. The most prevalent view of this is the war that were currently doing to over through the gov’t of Iraq. To me it is mind boggling that someone can look at this situation and say that we shouldn’t go. That just because they were born in Iraq that they aren’t guaranteed the same freedoms and rights that we have here in the states. Not to mention the fact that Saddam has been lying to the UN S.C. for the last 5-6 months about what he has which is in direct violation of the UN resolution 1441.

Now I won’t say that war isn’t a hard thing, I’m scared for our troops over there. I’ve been praying for them for the last few weeks. However as a world super power we need to stand up for the rules of the UN and not let lower tier countries push around what we, and other countries in the UN, state in the resolutions.

As of now we’ve been officially in conflict for about three days, everything is going really well. We’ve lost minimal troops (12 I recall, 6 British and 6 American) and have been making massive progress towards Iraq, liberating people along the way. The images on the TV of the people jumping for joy and hugging the soldiers when they arrive in their towns is truly moving. It also somehow makes the things I worry about seem so petty in comparison.

God Bless ~paul