French Student Protest... How to say thank you. 2

Today was another Toulouse student strike over a recent law past by the French government that will allow any employee who has worked for less than two years at their current employer to be terminated without reason/notice. While obviously unfair, it raises the question of, “Who Cares?”

Sitting outside capitole this afternoon with my friend we watched the mass of nearly two hundred students (out of about 50,000-70,000+ who were on strike, in Toulouse, and not in school) amass with goofy chants and large bed sheet signs held between two by fours. Video cameras arrived on the scene from the local media after rumor of two students being hurt by police. Those cameras were just in-time to catch this. The three person thank you crew.

Mind you it is around 40? outside right now, and I salute their bravery in the face of the weather and many only lookers. The question remains, does it accomplish anything? In earlier the words of my French friend about the protest, “Look at them, they look so stupid. This will do nothing.” At the sight of these three, she just laughed.

    Points to learn from:

  1. Don’t strike if your numbers can’t change anything
  2. Remember to vote, otherwise the politicians won’t care
  3. Those who have the drive and determination to do well will be cherished by their employer and not need to worry about this new law.

God bless democracy