Here I sit, alone in my room as another day has past me by. I wish that the questions I had could be answered as easily as they are asked. However that isn’t the case, the people I turn to can’t help me because this isn’t a game of life, it is life. The one game you can’t cheat at.

Had the Lake Confrence Visual Art Show tonight, it was alright. I didn’t get anything again this year but I think my photograph was one of the few to really stand out at the show. There was some really insainly good work there though. I think the show was a step up from last year for sure.

I still have to finish coding this site, along with the portfolio site. the backend I will probably do late next week, so I’m just using the db softwear right now to submit stuff. As of now the contact and links pages are done, and I’m getting closer on the blog pages.

God Bless ~paul