Resting here is a twisted soul. Whose muscles are pulled and bound as painfully as a never-ending ill intended courtship. Whose eyes are burnt red from reading into the word set before, sitting recessed hoping to rest, while looking deeper than you wish them to.

An exhausted mind looses hold of thoughts as seasons to earth. For this moment in time the strong appears all to real, a reality that shocks and startles the mirror. Who, until now, had not know it’s purpose and with this moment is fulfilled.

Steps follow with feet over rocks placed carefully years prior to my coming, only to press my feet against allowing me to make the last leg of a tireless journey.

This world is so harsh and trying. Pain constantly assaults me from all aspects. The grace of God gives me strength to live through another day. A power to see into the goodness of the soul of those I meet, and a satisfaction and comfort that are undeniably divine allowing me to live through anything for the one who sent me. Living through trials of my own or pursuing the will of God to the ends of the earth till the end of my life.

Resting here is a twisted soul, torn between the desires of an earthly man and the will of something greater then the world is willing to look for. Resting on this earth are souls torn and churning under the high suns ever watchful eyes, longing for them to look past this world into His heart.

See Through,