There is so much to write about but sadly there isn?t enough time. I am sitting here after dipping out of drawing class an hour early only with hopes that I will be able to get a leg up on the work I have to do today. Last weekend was the Kick off for Toulouse and it was awesome, I?m very ready to go now. Got my application into Matt and should know by next week (hopefully) if I?m going to be the Evangelism Team leader next year or not with Crusade here at Stout, I’ve got some big ideas if it happens. There will be several entries about them for sure.

Other then that I?m working on just under three hours of sleep today? I spent the greater portion of last night and early this morning writing an essay for my English class and have yet to put any paint on my design project due tomorrow. However I am making the most of my time and God has never failed me before.

Sorry this is so abbreviated but I seriously have no time, and I haven?t a meal in nineteen hours? Time to get my mail and some grub.

Take care and God bless,