My entire life has been lived never asking for much of anything. I don?t long for people to understand where I?m coming from or even who I am. Because I couldn?t understand where I am before I was standing here, and in all honesty I?m not sure that I could explain it to you in ways that you would understand (because you wouldn?t care to hear). I don?t expect you to understand my personal relationship with God, I don?t expect you to understand my faith and how clear it is in my eyes. Never will I ask you to understand how God works in my life, how He?s saved my life and how my heart longs for nothing more then to do His work.

How God shows me what I need to know of my future, how He allows me to see where I will be in five or ten years. When He shows me who I need to talk to or whom I need to avoid. I don?t expect you to understand how imperfect I am, my daily struggles in my walk with Him. I don?t think you would understand why I show love for you (even when it kills me inside to do so) or why I would drop everything for a stranger in need.

The only hope I have is that you will see this and wonder why and how. In time I hope you discover those answers.

See Through, ~paul