Despite the confusion that was this morning Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day. Started off with me sleeping an hour past my alarm and enjoying ever moment of it to realizing some confusion that occurred last night that affected my plans for the day. I ended up able to finish the second run of the Evangelism Team plan as well as two appendices today for this upcoming year with Campus Crusade for Christ. It?s pretty detailed now. The main document is seventeen pages, and each appendix is five, all single-spaced. I think that has to be as much writing as I did all year in school. Oh well I?m looking forward to the feed back from Pete Z and Jay sometime next week. It?s hard to meet up because our schedules just don?t line up that well right now. To have this done now is a very large burden lifted off my shoulders. Now anyone can read through this plan and understand how the team will work this year.

Tonight was the first day of the Twin Cities Festival and it was really solid. There were over 80,000 people in attendance for the first day alone and the capitol grounds were packed full of people. I went over to st. paul with my little brother kyle and it was really awesome. We talk around home a lot but we never really go out and do anything together so it was a nice change.

The music started around 4:00 but I honestly hadn?t heard of any of the bands today aside from Stacie Orrico or Point of Grace and the later didn?t really interest me all that much (as I heard them at the Excel center two years ago and didn?t really get into it). Hezekiah Walker was pretty sweet, totally just let it all go out there, super high energy. Stacie did a pretty sweet unplugged set with just her and someone on acoustic, was a very solid set. She can sing like crazy.

Other then that the night was just really sweet, I talked with a bunch of people. Told the first person outside of those close to me what I?m doing next summer and she was really excited to hear about it. It was affirmation that I really needed to hear going into something that will take a large effort and faith to have happen how it is going to. God is good! Realized that Sarah C is in town right now and we?ve yet to meet up and I think she leaves on Tuesday so this could be tricky. Kind of funny that I?m going to hang out with her before Katie? though she lives a couple hundred miles away while Katie is only the other side of town.

I?m off to sleep. I put up a bunch of photos from tonight at the festival for you to check out, also modified the Blog layout a bit putting the most recent thumbnail on the left side under the links.

Take care and God bless,