So here is for an un-necessary number of posts in a short period of time. I might have done more then this in the past but alas, here is another one. I?m over whatever funk I was in last night. Truth is that I?m just tired of being here and feeling alone and isolated. I know to an extent that is always going to be there because I don?t share a spiritual connection with people from around here. It makes it hard but truth is that they are the exact same as people at stout, and I?ve been living so much in the future that the now has been passing me by.

In all honesty I feel as though I?m constantly pressed up to a mold I doubt I will ever fill. I get notes and comments from people I look up to, in regards to discipleship, ?I understand that those last tasks are next to impossible for a man of your stature who has already surpassed most of us in spiritual maturity! And since that may or may not be able to happen?? It?s honestly frustrating to hear, because of those around me don?t feel like they can teach me than who can. I learn bits and pieces from people here and there (sometimes the most unlikely people are used by the Lord to show me something, so got to stay on my toes). Sometimes it just takes getting it out of your system and someone to have the guts to put you in your place. It?s time for me to step back up to the plate and into His presence for the tasks set before me.

One thing that has struck me is that it?s never about when I?m ready, I wasn?t ready to go to France, I wasn?t ready to give a sermon at church, I?m not ready to lead the evangelism team, and I?m not ready to be put in the position I?m in with Cru this fall. The only catch is that He is ready for me and to work through me, thus if I rest in Him I am ready. It?s one of the weirdest things that I know intellectually but yet fail to remember when things come up. I tense up with my insides flapping in the quietest breeze, but when I am obedient and trust in the Spirit and Christ that flapping becomes a simply eloquent sound lifted up to Heaven for His praise. It?s not the end of the world that I feel distant, I?ve found my outlet in different books I?m able to read from and the bible will forever teach me, and warn me of what is coming in my spiritual life. In time Christ will set someone into my life whom will be there as well (very much looking forward to this).

It?s just important for me to spend the time I need to reflecting and re-centering myself in Christ. That I don?t treat the Father how I do my earthly dad, and let that relationship get between Him and me. My Father deserves everything He knows I can be.

In other news, I bought some books last night, they should show up next week and it will be very convenient as I am about to finish my current book. Bought five this time around
– Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray
– The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer by Andrew Murray
– Humility by Andrew Murray
– Evangelism In The Early Church by Michael Green
– The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George G. Hunter

All in all the books should be really good, I love Andrew Murray?s style of devotional learning. Read a book of his over project in France and loved it so much I?m getting three more? The evangelism books should be really good as well; the one about the early church is exactly what the title implies. Examples from the early church and how it was set up and worked, just a bunch of stuff I hopefully can apply into our campus strategy. Also the Celtic Way is about how St. Patrick was able to reach the people of Ireland, a completely un-reached people group at the time and make Christianity tangible, real, and desirable in the lives of the people.

Till next time. Take care and God bless,