The Twin Cities Festival was really an amazing time. I don?t know how to explain it. To be in the presence of 120,000 other people praising and crying out to Christ in total adoration of all he?s done and given us is amazing. To have storms yield to the power of God, splitting in north St. Paul to reform just south of the city was amazing. Meteorologists were left with a loss for words over how to explain it. It?s hard to explain when the hand of God is moving through this world.

Third Day did a really awesome set, Luis was in better form on Saturday then Sunday in my mind, and the crowd was unreal. I bumped into a bunch of Cru people from Stout which was really nice, I hadn?t seen them in a long time and was able to ask them how their summers had been, found out a bit about Brazil (still to hear anything about OEX).

There is more I want to write but I feel as though I shouldn?t. I will write more later.

Take Care and God Bless,