I?m getting ready to leave for TCX and I?m super excited for it. Just being able to see my stout friends outside of their normal school mode, get to know them better and really grow in Christ with them. I?m so ready for this, late nights with no sleep, early mornings and quiet times that are so tempting to sleep through. Not to mention rockin in the new year with over 3000 college students worshiping God in massive dance party style!!

There really isn?t a ton to be writing here, I?m busy working on some other stuff and might post a part of it once I?m closer to being finished with it. This will be my last post for some time though. After TCX (which goes through the new year) my roomie is going to be coming over for a couple days, then I?m going to head to Wausau to hang out there for a while (not sure how long) and see Chris, Jacalyn, Ben and Jordan. It will be good times out there.

Otherwise there isn?t a lot going on in the life of Paul. Praying away some feelings to see if they are true or not. It would be so amazing if they were but alas I?m not the best with these things, and it would be a while regardless. Sometimes it seems like I want so much of God. But ?You do not have, because you do not ask God? james 4:2b.

I?ll write more deep things once the new year rolls around, and you can be sure that I?ll be keeping track of what happens at TCX and there will be a ton of photos.

Dancing in the hands of the Highest Priest,