TCX was amazing, not that the speakers were so spectacular? but just that I had been ready to learn something new and they provided that for me. I learned more about how I approach God, knowing that I want to weep before Him more often, that the news I hear would sometimes draw raw emotion from me. Another is that I would stand in awe of God more often, just praising his attributes and helping myself remember who is who and how amazing it is that I can talk with my Father as openly as we can. I?m just in such awe of that.

Other then the spiritual side of things, TCX was a great time to just chill with friends and enjoy downtown. I was also able to get my foot caught in the revolving door of the Hilton? The carpet slipped as I was jumping into the quick spinning door to head to mens time and next thing I knew my foot was jammed between the door and the glass wall. 45 minutes later the firemen had gotten me out (after a failed attempt with the jaws of life) by breaking through the safety glass with an axe. The only damage was a bruised foot with a good scratch on the top and an out of order door. So exciting I know!

The conference was awesome though, 1300+ other college students from all over the upper Midwest (ND, SD, IA, MN, WI and some of NE), amazing praise time, and great fellowship with tons of people. My roomie came over for a couple days afterwards that was fun. I actually just got back from going to Wausau that was really sweet. I hung out with Chris for the morning and saw most of the exciting parts of town, including the plane at the VFW!

After meetings the neighbors dog I went over and figured out where Jordan lived thanks to some excellent phone navigating. We hit up some dinner, el something, and afterwards went to this really cool coffee shop, somethings brewing, downtown. I love spending time with her, we just seem to understand each other and get along so well. Spend most of the time laughing or just joking around with a couple serious conversations mixed in there. To get to the point, I’m super excited to say that we’re dating. It’s a little hard to know right now that there will be over a year where we aren’t able to see each other, but we both decided that we still wanted to start now. I’m just really excited! It’s this weird excitement, I have this relaxed calm exterior while my insides just keep smiling and bouncing around.

Well I’ve gotta get some rest, have to play catch up most of the week with my writting stuff.

Praising the Lord for His blessings,