It?s been so long since I?ve been home with the whole family and at the same time it doesn?t feel abnormal. As if it is something that has always been and will always be. I am very fortunate to know that our lives together simply won?t end up will stretch through the end of times.

Being here however is a bit weird and surreal. To my surprise my faith has been holding up quite well. Now granted there haven?t really been that many spiritual conversations or comments made towards me that could be harmful, has only been a couple days and I?m still slightly anxious for it to happen. Not that I know it has to but it just has every time I?ve been home before, so one could only infer.

The semester has wrapped up really well, better then I expected actually. Sitting at an A, A-, and two B?s at the moment and still waiting for my Philosophy grade to come in (thinking B+ or A- on that one). GPA jumped up over a point. Next semester should bring it up even more as well. It?s amazing to watch God move through my studies in such a way that allows me to focus on ministry on campus and on my floor. Speaking of floor?

I got everything moved up to my new room, 122 Hovlid, and will be out there in about three weeks to get everything set up and rolling. It?s so unreal to think that I?m going to be an RA with such divine favor that without finishing the application and never doing either of the interviews I was chosen first. There are big plans for that floor of guys and I only pray that I?m prepared and faithful in what he?s given me.

Started writing something and it?s coming along really well. I?m excited to see it when it?s done. Really feel His pleasure in writing it and am looking forward to seeing the final copy. I pray that it really helps push and excel our movement at Stout to better reach the campus and the world. We have more people then ever interested in going on international projects this summer! So awesome. I?m really looking forward to when I?m called back overseas. Hoping to touch up on my French a bit next year before hitting up STINT.

Remember that God is With Us, Immanuel!

Blessed be your time with Christ,