So here I am, on the cusp of the end. So close that I can almost taste victory. It seems like for the last four years al I’ve wanted was to be out of here, out of the confines and restrictions that are EPHS but now that I’m standing (well technically I’m sitting) here with the end in sight I’m longing for something. This I never could understand, last year Stefan Turkula told me it was weird and I more or less brushed it off. Thinking that somehow I would be different because I’ve gotten more out of HS somehow. Looking back there are several things I wish I would have done differently. Here is a little list.

  • More HS sports
  • Started and stuck with Art earlier
  • Been in more clubs
  • Had a closer group of friends

Not that I am really going to complain, I’ve done things in high school that I know most people will go their whole lives thinking and wishing they had the courage to do that. I mean I started a company in tenth grade, incorporated in eleventh grade and turned a sweet $11.54 profit in the by the third fiscal year. Who knows where it is going. In another four to five years it might be making enough money to support me financially and that would just rule. Who else could say that by the time they graduated college had already formed a company allowing them to live off of it. It would be very gratifying to say the least. It’s even all the sweeter because I love this skiing thing and all the guys and gals that are doing it.

So in the end I don’t have many regrets aside from their being some people I wish I had the chance to get to know better. Of course there are mistakes and things I wish I had seen earlier (mostly in people) that I could have avoided. Those are the things that form us though. Lately I’ve just been in a really reflective position and having really mixed feelings about it. I’m ready for the end, I’m ready to head out to the world, ready to change as much of it as I can grab onto.

take care and God bless,
~paul prins