Last night after the final crossroads (I’m gonna miss seeing all of you every other week) I went down to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to pick my dad up, after going to Seattle on business and to visit my brother Ryan at UW – Seattle. I really didn’t know when he was due in, either 9:20 or 9:50, so I got down there and tried to find a place to park. I got off on post road and went down to fort snelling but there wasn’t anything there so I went the other way and found a lot on the west side of the road that faced the airport so I pulled in there. After turning the car off I put on some music and just sat there waiting for my dad to call me, and that’s when it happened.

Something that you almost never see, One after the other in rapid fire they took off. Five F-16 Hornets took off right in front of me. They all had their afterburners on full and just flew past, they left the ground about 400 yrds north of me and the blasted south turning down their engines just after they past me. One after the other, just as one would turn down their afterburners the next would be roaring down the runway and taking off. It was truly a treat to witness, and even more so at night when the afterburners where white and blue cones emitting from the back of each jet. Wow that was so cool, I’m still not over it. The strength you could feel from those planes was amazing, and very humbling at the same time. I was really lucky to see that.

Take care and God bless,~paul prins