So if you only had less then 48 hours to finish a book what would you do. So far I’ve read over fifty pages and have a little over two-hundred left to go. Time is pretty limited, and the book is slightly more amusing then watching carpet rot… I should be reading it right now, my mom has been grilling me to keep reading but my mind has been running of late with work. I’m really trying to think of ways to get Midwestskier back to the top of the skiing culture around the Midwest. Where we should be. Makes it hard to get into the Supreme Court and this book that’s dryer then saltine crackers. Other news, the weekend was good but it was nice ot get back to school and see friends today. Went outside during second hour and it was amazing outside. I forgot to grab my grad invites from the car though so I need to remember them tomorrow.

Thursday is also the last grading recognition and advancment meeting, I’m actually going to be taking notes and will post the decisions on here for anyone who is interested in them. Plus it’s my mom’s last day in the Career Resource Centre (CRC) and she wants to go out to lunch so we are going to do that. I just need to make sure that I’m back in time for my committee meeting. I really hope we get something done and that this year wasn’t wasted. Till next time

Take Care and God Bless
~paul prins