Monday May 5th, 2003 at 2:31 PM

Everyone was telling me not to get my hopes up and that prom was going to be a wash out. Not meet my expectations or visions that I had of it. I guess it worked to my advantage that I had no prior connotations of what the night would be like.

Britney and me had a blast. Got together with a bunch of other people at Scotts around 3, although I was slightly late because I needed a little more then 15 minutes to get ready. Took more pictures than should have been taken and jumped into our rad Limo bus. That was easily the sweetest limo I have ever been inside of, the outside could have looked better but whatever.

We went over to some garden off of lake Calhoun to take some more pictures without all the annoying parents. Took a few in front of this Japanese tree and then again on this bridge under a willow tree. I really liked how those turned out, not to mention the weather was perfect for it.

Got to the dance and found as many people as I could, had dinner which was just alright (although surprisingly good for how many people, 900, they were severing). The dance was a lot of fun, they could have mixed up the music a bit more then just lumping everything together, after 3 rap songs in a row you’re more then ready for something else.

After party is what I thought it was going to be, just sitting around and being lame. Whatever though, I wasn’t in the mood to argue about it because it wouldn’t have done any good anyway. Got about an hour of sleep on the couch before Saturday. Took me a while to get this up here but there ya have it. Prom was a ton of fun, thanks a bunch Britney for letting me going with you. You looked amazing, and sorry for stepping on your dress so much…

Take care and God bless ~paul prins