The other night I was fortunate enough to be invited to go to the NBA game 3 of the LA Lakers and the MN Timber wolves. Now we got slaughtered 120 to 90 but the experience of going to the game is still a great one to experience. It takes me back to long before I was born, sitting there in the bowl looking around at everyone yelling at the people running.

I could only imagine the days of the gladiators and the roman empire. It is also the same in my mind. Thousands of people yelling at the top of their lungs to people who are fighting for the adoration of the crowd they are surrounded by. Like helpless creatures they fight to make the crowd scream their praises. The people higher up in society tend to play more civil rolls in the drama, while the peasants scream ever obscenity when the player they like screws up. It’s amazing when you think that after almost 3000 years we still have the same instincts to cheer and agonize over. That as a species we haven’t grown to a base appreciation of better things. That when I see the guy standing up and cussing out the team, I could just as easily imagine him wearing a dirty brown toga yelling in Italian to the prisoners fighting to the death for our amusement.

At least now days they don’t end in death, rather a victory or defeat (lives spared).

Now I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the game, it was fun hanging out with friends and getting to watch the game and crowd.

take care and God bless~paul