Wow what a lame kid I’ve been, over a week since I’ve posted in here. Well life is going on, school is going well and I finally got the video for church DONE, the first run anyway. It turned out soooooo well I’m very excited about that. Should be on my portfolio page in a week and I’ll link ya there if you wana check it out on the web.

Ultimate Frisbee was pretty sweet, we were orange this year again but we lost in the first round of the play offs. I really wanted to play the blue team again just because they are fun to loose too. Some how pine came back yesterday to beat us with a couple seconds left. I am still baffled by it but it was a really good game and I played well, and the team did too. It just gets hard when you are playing down a man the whole time and they have a full roster present.

I’m also going to do another ski competition, the Midwest Skier OPEN and this will be my fourth one, again at spirit mountain in Duluth. It’s gonna be fun but I’m really working on getting all the behind the scenes stuff worked out so that it will be less work then last year was, yet still be a more impressive and better run competition. Again I’m going to raise the bar for myself and my staff to put on the best event the Midwest has ever seen. If you are one of those people who likes to plan way far in advance, the dates at February 20-22, 2004. Website should be up mid June.

Take Care and God Bless,
~paul prins