Lately this has really been press upon my mind. In one of the forums God helps me provide spiritual insight and prayer a person is really challenged as of late. Best friend died, parents split, and his whole life seems to be going down the drain. But at the same time God has been showing me more and more of His glory than ever before.

The higher the God becomes in our sight, the further above us that He rises in all his Glory, Majesty, Splendor, Righteousness, and Holiness, the less unjust the world appears. For in truth, the very rising of the sun every morning is an act of completely mercy on a worthless and broken creation, that had it been me I would have abandoned. Yet God is continually choosing us, loving us, and searching for his lost folds of sheep in this world.

In the presence of the indescribable Glory of Jesus Christ, every ‘injustice’ is beyond deserved because there is nothing we deserve, even today. May this truth only increase my worship and praise.