So after staying up for 41 hours in a row you really start to see everything differently. Last night was really different for me. I always seem so reserved in my thoughts and what it is that I say but after being awake that long everything just comes out how you really mean it. Teaching myself a lot about how I feel, compared to how I feel around other people. I just wish I could be like that more often and with enough sleep. Well we all have something to shoot for. Mostly thinking about what’s coming up in my life, college, work, summer, skiing, girls, and what I wana do with my life. I wrote some of it down somewhere and don’t remember the rest, I had just done 41 hours of life on about 7 hours of sleep.

I was up because of the church lock-in at EPPC on Friday night. It was a lot of fun, beach volleyball, 4am ultimate Frisbee, watched goonies, and played cards. Around quarter to six I left for home to get my dad and drive to Menomine for the placement tests at stout. That was really pathetic, I felt insulted by how easy the math one was. All of the questions had to have been from geometry and algebra. Maybe a couple from pre-calc but I’m sure I just used the shorter way and that we had learned some insanely long way to do them. Got home from the tests and talked to my mom for a while before leaving to see About Schmiet and the show up at school (which was really good if any of you are reading this). After the show we went to applebees to get dinner and then came home to crash.

Again I’m in this weird spot of wondering how much I should post on here because I honestly duno who reads this. Meh, live you life as you want and don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed of what you’ve done. That way you’ll never have anything to hide.

Also today is Compassion Sunday so you should all sponsor a kid somewhere. I’ve been sponsoring Oscar for several months now and it’s such a great experience. I think you can get to the compassion website at