My crown melts as I return from my work. The speckled snow embracing my hair giving thanks for those who will fail to notice my toils. Oh how you would have done so much more and while my heart rejoices it?s torn for not doing enough, knowing I could have done more. For you I would work till exhaustion. I praise you that the recognition will fade and pass along, that no one will speak a word of that which has been done out of goodness, my reward rests in you pleasure.

My crown drips from my brow. This salty perspiration has never tasted so sweet as your hands wipe the sweat from my face. Though my arms are sore and my back in need of lighter work. There is my heart, resting in you and echoing your praise back best I can (even though you?re worth so much more then I can give). Oh how I pray that this moment would bring you peace and pleasure. Bless those around me and bring them to sing in your name.

Oh Christ, how I wish that I could do so much more. I?m no longer scared of what that means. I should have died nearly three years ago thus I forfeit my life for the sake of your Glory. May you resonate in me as I rest in you. Nature sings praise to you, snow will rest upon your brow as you move here tonight, and the heavens are holding their breath in awe of everything your doing. Time will forget me as they learn to sing your praise once again.

In You I trust, and in You I put my Hope. Oh God draw me closer to you.