I wish I could have written more this past week but my hectic schedule didn’t allow for much of anything aside from ministry, class, and work as an RA. We, as campus crusade, had outreaches on Monday through Thursday and they went so well. Monday we had a spiritual interest panel with 5 professors from Stout talking about their beliefs. It went over fairly well though attendance was a problem (was all week). Tuesday night we showed Waking Life in applied arts 210 (mmmmm big screen) and it was a lot of fun. Slightly larger crowd and that movie just really gets you thinking about everything.

The group I was a part of led the outreach on Wednesday where we put together the invitations we handed out and used as a tool to get people to come on Thursday. We put together 500 bags of random school supplies with a quarter sheet invite to our outreach. We had around thirty people to hand them out and it went pretty well. We hit up pretty much every dorm that night and nearly all of them had been turned out by the next day.

Thursday was here and that meant Moments in Eternity. The outreach ran really well and I was in awe of how well the sub-team system worked out. Currently am in the process of figuring out what that makes my job as the evangelism team leader. We had a low turn out for the outreach but the efforts of those involved in running the outreach were so blessed. It went very well, the testimonies worked awesome together and the drama was mind blowing. I might put that up here once I get a chance to mix it a bit.

This leads me to my next point, what happened last week. I’m still processing it to be honest but this is where I’m at right now. God blessed us in how things ran. The week happened with almost no incident and it’s such a blessing to know that. So why, if each outreach ran so smoothly, were there so few people there and so (relatively few in comparison to last semester) few relationships started with the Lord. Where is our movement at that we could only handle seven? The bible tells us that the Lord gives us no more then we can handle, so why as a movement of over 200 students can we only handle seven.

A few thoughts from my corner. Sujo John was an amazing outreach that we dropped the ball on. We were collectively trusted with so much and we dropped the ball, just as we did after the Passion of the Christ outreach. The overflow of cards overwhelmed the system we had in place and it was never replaced or modified. There were people who weren’t met up with until the end of the semester, nearly 9-10 weeks later. The moment you accept Christ you take the side of light and there is nothing that upsets Satan more then when Christ wins over another heart. The best thing Satan can do at that point is demoralize and cause that person to become idol and ineffective in their faith. When we as a movement can?t reach out them and immerse them quickly in scripture and truth, equipping them to battle against the darkness that desires to so quickly consume them, we have lost the battle we are truly fighting. The battle to raise up warriors (aka laborers).

Now I’m not passing the blame, there is more I could be doing and I’m starting to do more. There are two more guys I want to start discipling this week, I want to spend more time with the people from my team and raise them up to be leaders that have the characteristics of Christ that they are destined to have if they only knew. Here is the bottom line, it’s not what we are doing that is going wrong, it’s that we aren’t allowing ourselves to become the people we must be. If we would just stop buying into the mediocre Christianity that the rest of the world has and would actually see how powerful passages like Romans 8:29-30 really are. To live out the promises of God in their life because they are able to embrace what it means to be called, to be Christian. I’m tired of seeing people pass up everything, for what their minds can grasp. Father be with my hands and in my words in my last months here. I see it now and my cry is that it not be past the hour I should have seen.

God bless us again with your strength and understanding,
(not worthy to put my name)