So I’ve been slacking major on the updating of this journal but it will get better, because I’m starting to realize how much I’m suppressing my processing of whats going on in my life. This blog helps me do that. Random stuff; I won a free whole pie at baker square today in my SRVM 110 course because I knew French silk was the most popular pie they sell. So libby and me are going to try to hit that up when we’re both home this weekend (though she’s going home tomorrow). I’ve been doing a lot of conflict resolution this week, so it’s been a lot of fun? I’m starting to tell when I’m stressed out and it’s a lot more often then I realized. It’s just that I never get any real side affects because of it.

Jordan is still sick, she got a much nastier bug then I got. My cold last week was just a sore throat and weird feeling head, she’s got some stomach bug that’s really got her feeling down and worn out. So if you could be praying for her that’d be awesome.

Last night we brainstormed up outreaches for this next quarter, some of them are stinking awesome. I’m constantly in awe of what this team can come up with, and so grateful for all of them because they have some amazing ideas to contribute. Needless to say I think we are all excited to see what Christ is going to do on this campus through our outreaches. I’ll let you know more as we get more planned out.

As for me, I am strangly not busy. I think I’m just making time for reading my new book and it should be pretty interesting. It’s called ‘the prophets’ and is written by this brilliant jewish scholar, Abraham Heschel. I’m finishing up the introduction and really enjoying his insight, it’s a breath of fresh air from all the evangelism books I’ve been reading lately (7 or 8 of them).

I’m looking forward to heading home this weekend and possibly skiing on Saturday. Just realized today that I could probably get to hyland for a couple runs. Pretty excited about that. Going to the variety show with my mom Friday night to watch the little bro. I duno I’m just pretty excited in general to get away from stout for a while. Will be the only time this quarter that I’m going to get home.

Thursday I’m going to have a little phone interview for my STINT application. Basically just talking and going over some personal information that I have a hard time explaining in writing. Which is hard because my RA application is due by tomorrow so I will probably just turn that in and when I hear about STINT email ann marie and tell her if I still can or not.

Also lately I’ve been feeling like revitalizing Midwest Skier and turning it into an online magazine style website. I think it could be a really awesome idea, posted something on there and will see if anyone is willing to help out with it. I’m hoping this goes over well, it would be fun to kick it up, recast the vision, and see how the site does in their hands. Would be quite the test of my ability to manage properly, and to be able to give something like this back to the Midwest after all they’ve done for me would be awesome.

I’m sure there is more, I’m going to try to write more often and not wait to have these epic entries all the time. God bless ya,