Ok so by now it’s more like thirty-one and a half days, and I’m still stinkin excited about it. I know I haven’t written much about Jordan but she truly is an amazing women of God. While the first three weeks or so were spent several hours apart now that were here and able to see each other it?s becoming more real.

I’m not sure that I would say it is real yet. There are still times that I don’t remember, or if I do it still feels a bit surreal. Even though I can hold her in my arms and joke around with her it still feels weird. It’s just that I’ve never dated someone who understood me so well. That she knows when I’m having a hard day and seems to just help me push forward. She gets what I do and when girls I have dated before would have gotten upset she is there waiting for me, understanding what I’m doing. Don’t have a clue what I ever did to deserve someone like her, but she is someone I will defiantly love having around and getting to know better.

In other news this is what I’ve been up to: RA Training, Servant Team (ccc), Testimony Training (ccc), Date Night w/ Jordan, Peer Review Board, All Hall Event (ra), and finished my book (Three Battlegrounds). In the next couple days this is what is going on: giving my speech, Catalytic Conference, Talking at the Catalytic Conference, Sophomore Class dinner, servant team, spiritual interest panel outreach, movie outreach, invite outreach, moments in eternity outreach, and then finally rest! Oh yea, there is that school thing too.

Keep letting God bless ya!