Standing there in front of that reflective pane I see the reflection of someone I wish to be, someone who isn’t me. He seems to understand everything that goes on around him, have this grasp of life and living.

There is something about the look in your eyes, they look so distant from mine. As if they can sense the future and understand what it holds for him. Understanding the relationships that are going on in his life and how they will play out. How old he looks, something about that.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, I’m just not sure that he is me. I look into the mirror and see him. My whole life I’ve been looking to find him, ever since I met you he has been there. Waiting with the glass to stare back when I pass affront. Now I understand that aura I made around the man in the mirror, he doesn’t understand everything, rather is to a point where he finally doesn’t have too.

Laura Brodhun and I have been going out since Friday (well Saturday actually, it was past midnight). She can’t get out of my mind and I love her in there. I could go on and on about her and how amazing she is but I will infiltrate all of you with that for the next several months.

I couldn’t sleep till I wrote that, once I get a picture of us I’ll throw it up here. I hope all of you are well

Take Care and God Bless,