Returning from drawing to admire our brand new pool. Something that wasn’t directly mentioned in the housing agreement and thus aroused concern among fellow students. After watching it for an hour we decided to go out for coffee and come back, assuming that it would magically reinvent it’s self to appear dry. Checking out the acoustic café and then Atlantis music directly underneath. Seems like it could be a pretty sweet coffee hang out and the prices aren’t to bad either. Cheaper then back home and the drinks are just as good.

Upon our arrival back at base camp, 4th Hansen, we saw that our pool had not reinvented it’s self like we planed, rather expanded and franchised across the irregular tile floor of the bathroom. It was expanding and encompassing the pattern-less floor calling for direct intervention and quickly. This pool resulted in a half hour of revenge and mopping to reclaim the floor. The pool was defeated, the mastermind behind the pool plot has yet to rear his face but stall two is looking fiercely suspicious.

It’s now been over five hours since the mayhem that was revenge and the floor is now dry, We appear to have been the victors, and tomorrow morning will reap the spoils of our labors, Dry bathroom floors. Hopefully the maintenance man will come up tomorrow and check out the piping leading into the toilet and find the problem and plunder any new efforts of the resistance.

// twisted view of slow bathroom pipe leak

Today was uneventful, I finished my reproduction in drawing class, it turned out really well I think. I’m gonna have laura k look at it tomorrow and see what she thinks of it. I also finished the assignment we are working on for computer programming on Friday so I am going to turn that in tomorrow and then sleep in on Friday till around nine, it will be amazing. Nothing really planned for the weekend yet, don’t remember when tara’s marching band show is, I promised I would go to that. There is also the matter of writing computer code and finding time to conduct the interview for the English essay. Will be a lot of fun for sure.

As of right now, I’m sitting in the hall as to not wake ned. I’m starving for some reason, and tired. Will go into the room and grab a doughnut or something and call it a night. It’s to late for milk and cookies (plus I’m pretty sure that would wake ned). I hope all is well with those eyes that grace these words.

Take care and God Bless,