What a weekend, probably the best one that I’ve had so far. We spent it here, went and saw pirates again, along with several other movies in various rooms. Spent about ten hours so far on this art project for fun des (Fundamentals of Design) but it’s turning out really good. I have four of the six panels done so far (the four on the left). It looks slightly different printed.

In other news I guess you could say I’m in a slight apprehensive state of mind. Over the past two weeks I can’t think of one thing that has gone wrong, I’ve met a bunch of amazing people, including the most spectacular girl, classes have gone well, homework is about half what I expected it to be and I’ve stayed very on top of it. There is so much going right that I couldn’t have even thought of everything that has three weeks ago.

The biggest thing in my life right now would be Laura. I really am not sure how I would go about explaining it. I love her personality; I’ve finally found someone who is as random (although she likes to call it immature, same difference) as I am. Some of you may think that isn’t safe, but it is a lot of fun and mostly safe (although the laundry party was pretty sketchy). Whenever I’m around her everything just seems to make sense and work out, it’s really weird. She’s just an amazing person and I’m so fortunate to be able to be with her, be a few weeks or much longer. Needless to say I’m thrilled about her and what’s been going on between us. That’s really all that is going on around here for now.

Take care and God bless,