It’s a matter of Righteousness…

Just got a couple thoughts and then a little life update.

The more that I dive into scripture one truth (aside from the core truths of God?s love and grace) is showing it?s face to me for those who believe and trust their lives in Christ. That it is a matter of righteousness for what we are able to accomplish. Now it?s not that this righteousness is some sort of prerequisite for laboring for Christ, actually it’s quite the opposite.

As we labor for Christ, desire to and become changed into his likeness then that righteousness appears in us. Little by little, the more you do, the more evident it becomes in your life and through your actions. That the Glory of God is so evident in what you’re doing. When this happens it is only for God’s glory and nothing else, nothing of you. That’s all I got on that.

This past week has been crazy. Jordan’s grandpa past away just over a week ago and her and I went to the wake/funeral earlier this week with her. It was an amazing service for a man I wish I could have gotten to know. Her family is a lot of fun and being able to hang out with them was great. I’m glad I got to meet them all, especially the out of state brother (since he isn’t around often it would be hard to see him another time). Jordan has been really blessed with all of them.

After our whirlwind Wausau tour we headed over to the cities for the night to unwind and meet my family. It was kind of crazy how it all worked out. My older brother was in from Seattle, we didn’t have classes on Tuesday, we where heading that way regardless, and we were done early enough to make it there in time for dinner. It was so worth it, the food was good, the time with family was good, and being able to talk to Jordan more about her grandpa and everything that was going on really made it worth it.

It’s surreal to think about this upcoming year, and what our lives will be like at the end of it, 15 months and I’ll be on my way home. Seems so long but at the same time as though it will go past so quickly. Oh how the Lord will move.

Keep letting God bless you,