Ah what a day it is. Today is Jordans nineteenth birthday. Pretty exciting if you ask me. Unlike my brother I don’t take pictures of everything (though it would be cool), but it was still a good time to be had. This summer becky told us how she loved making a big deal out of birthdays because it seems like no one cares and I have really seen that this year. Since I am dating a girl I’d like to have stick around for a while why not put that into action.

/break (return 4 hours later)

it’s amazing how quickly things can change, how quickly the Lord can shift everything around us. For those of you who didn?t know, Jordans grandpa had been in the hospital for a couple days. He past away tonight, and so I left to go be with Jordan. I don?t know what that means right now for my job as an RA, all I know is that she needed me there and when I called Tanya she told me I should go and that she could cover my shift. It was a bit surreal to sit there with her, talking to her about her grandpa where only 24 hours earlier I was showing up and sneaking into the basement with the cake. Now I?m knocking on her door and she doesn?t even know that I?ve heard.

We talked for a good while, and I wish there was something more I could do. Just being able to be there and praying for her helped, it’s just hard watching her go through so much (please be praying for her and her family). I’m so grateful that we’re able to though, it will only make this next year easier.

Now it’s become quite late, I’m going to turn in. I have a speech to write tomorrow yet. Man life is all kinds of amazing.

God bless,