Kick-off weekend just ended and I am now ‘equipped‘ to go out and build up my ministry partners that will be with me while I’m in Toulouse this upcoming year. Both through prayer and financial support. There is a bit of nervousness, mostly just anxious to get started. I redid one of the notebooks they gave us and now it’s all personalized. It will be good to get going on. I will tomorrow when people are awake.

Here is something that has been on my mind lately so I’m just going to write it out there….

The movie Paycheck is an unlikely catalyst for spiritual thought and for something to burden my heart, but it did just that. In the movie the main character reverse engineers a machine that allows you to see into the future using optics that see around the curve of the space/time continuum. Could it possible work? I don’t know, the theory makes some sense but when you get that far into ‘science’ it’s all based on other beliefs and theories. No solid proof of any kind, just hopes and dreams. Back to my point..

This main character is able to escape from certain situations because he could see through to the future. He comments about how seeing the future ruins the present, that for him to know where his life was heading took away the challenge or mystery to it. That got me thinking a lot about how I’m feeling called. I’ve seen where I’m heading in my life and know what I’m called to do. There is no way that I can do what I’ve seen, it will have to be the Lord and He must move in amazing ways to work through me to see that happen. I know the end, I’ve seen it and trust in the Lord Jesus that it will happen. It has been predestined to happen in my life by the Author and Perfecter of my faith.

Ok, so if I am predestined to do this, and to live this life, what freedom does that give me? So many people (myself included) get hung up here. Some downright hate the idea that their life has already been planned out for them. They want to have some control and feel as though tomorrow is theirs to write and map out. The truth is that my tomorrow is already written for me as God desires me to live it, however I can choose to do it however I want. The world is full of called people who have missed their calling out of selfish ambition and a desire to improve on God’s plan for their lives. However I am not the one to say if you have or not, the Holy Spirit will tell you where you are at if you honestly and humbly seek Him in prayer.

This is what I get from the feeling and knowledge of being called to something specific, knowing that it is possible against what this world will tell me. I need no one to tell me it is possible, because the one who wrote the book of my life already has it written into the pages. It is so freeing because that allows me to simply spend my time seeking the Lord that I might have the Faith to finish the race. Seeing God’s hand move in the little things to know that this monumental task before me will also see his hand move in. My faith is not blind, I have seen his hand move and feel his love in my life. This is the confidence I have that His steps will shake the walls and that His words will cause hearts to weep.

Tomorrow is already in His hands and soon I shall rest in them as well.

In God?s arms laboring eternally,