I?m not sure how in depth I ever should get in here. What to write about and what to avoid, who all I could bring into this open forum that is the internet just because God placed them into my life. I tend to avoid using names a lot of the time, or certain subjects all together because it can get hard to work around being specific.

I?m starting to realize one of my biggest character flaws. I tend to think I understand a portion of what God is showing me and then, because of that small part, think I know a larger part. There is a fair amount of time spent rationalizing my life out so that I understand what is going on around me, it?s one of my ineffective coping skills left over from my depression a couple years ago. What can happen normally isn?t that big of a deal but sometimes I get really strong headed with it. Then it becomes a matter of realizing it, and working through what is left so that I can move forward. More importantly is so that they (anyone else involved) can move forward.

My feelings and thoughts have shifted as I?ve gotten closer (eh, might have even been further). I?m just having a hard time knowing how to move on without moving past. I?m having a hard time knowing how to be a servant while still doing what I fell led to do. My heart feels in the right place because of the peace the Lord has bestowed upon me. I guess I?m only scared with how fast everything is moving within myself. The question is that if you always felt like it was meant to be someone, when should you let her know…

In other news: Fall Retreat was amazing, loved just having time to really connect with a bunch of the new students as well as some of those who had been around for a while before. Got to lay the smack down in football a couple times on this big 300-pound guy, Eric busted up his collarbone very impressively. We ended up have 114 students from Stout in attendance with 30 of them being freshmen (+ several other new students). Also for the first time the retreat didn?t feel any different spiritually!!! AHHHHH so darn exciting!

In even more other news:
I have been asked to apply for an RA position up in Wigen Hall for the 1st floor. It?s really an answer to prayer and I am turning my application in 5 minutes from now. Be praying for a smooth transition and for the Lord to present openings for His gospel in that building with the students and staff.

Seeking the Face of Christ like there?s nothing else…
cause there isn?t!