Why am I Here

quietly approaching through
the wondering of a lost soul,
the alleys and valleys of a dry heart,
is a love not yet accepted
not yet ignored
for when will the door open
only a sliver to allow light,
only a second for eternity,
to reveal the grace of love
grace of God
overwhelm the body to its knees
crying out pain of lives impure
crying out praises to the lord
desiring to know more of his forgiveness
of his grace
so we beg to serve him today
praying that they will be useful
praying to repay a priceless gift
that has already been paid in full
been given
for when will their guidance arrive
reveal and show the door
let me know
to supply encouragement and love
until wide swing the arms of beauty
arms of love
5/30/04 / toulouse, france

Creeps Ever Closer
torn, tattered I’m left alone
sitting while wondering
thoughts turn cold
the world darkens

feeling flutters helplessly
as it topples
slowly yet confidently
till there’s nothing
left in me.

darkness creeps ever closer
my heat evades it’s encroach
cooling body to mind
then it all stops
without prompting
life stands still?

nature halts for this
hands caressing mid-flight rain
as the lord gently
calms, caresses, cares
for his son living his will
best he can
in a dark world.

6/13/04 / toulouse, france

Slowly Falling Away
sinking quietly away
through sands unseen
to anyone but me
this life I live day by day
takes everything to stay
till it will topple over

suffocating, up to down.

mixed with confusion and pain
turn to the open embrace
the one whose never left
a father in heaven who reigns
forever, perfectly loving his child
who’ll always fall short

his love and glory

his gift of grace to much
to accept or understand
till memories of him
flood my heart once again.

6/13/04 / toulouse, france