thundering drops participate
through golden gutters showing
me the light of life within you
God?s grace moving through
spinning a mind into amazement
simple? astonishment
my heart praises God
for seeing parts of Him
in you

I couldn?t believe what I saw the first time I looked your way. There was so much moving in your life and God was blessing you so much, I had no idea. The spark of life God instilled in you was on the verge of igniting everything it touched. There?s this zeal for Christ that had me so convicted in my own walk with Him. So often I tend to overlook the nuances of life that are so rich with the glory of God here on earth. The way the peddles of a flower roll over exposing such vibrant color and softness. How someone acts when they think no-one else is watching, the gentleness of their affection for someone in need. My heart pains to see it again.

Je vois le beaut?
dedans vous,
bien que vous pas,
et ne pouvez pas aider
mais sourire quand je le vois.

I see the beauty
inside you,
even though you don?t,
and I can?t help
but smile when I see it.

This past week has been really hard on me, at times loosing the biggest gift in my life. Loosing the ability to see Christ in everyone I meet and see. I remember walking the paths of this campus grinning from ear to ear because Christ was so present here. It?s not that He has left, it?s only that my eyes aren?t looking as they used to. My prayer is that they will again see the world as it is meant to be, pure and hopeful (titus 1:15-16).

Seeking the eyes of Christ,