As much fun as RA training was, I’m so glad it is finally over. The first three days were a lot of fun because they were smaller settings. There are only 17 new RA?s for this semester and so it was fairly personal. I really enjoyed being able to joke around and make the time go quicker (at least for me anyway). It was sweet that they took us out to eat. Turns out that it was cheaper to take us out to eat for three meals a day for the first three days then to open the commons. Now I’m not going to complain about eating perkins, china buffet, el patio, quiznos, jeff n’ jims, culvers, and the depot. Though the depot has very poor service and all my mad skills got me to dump my pop all over the place at quiznos (missing everyone and not hitting any food). It was more or less a bunch of eating mixed in with a bunch of sitting. Nothing really revelation came out of training, more or less just a refreshing of what I already knew.

It’s now Sunday afternoon and the residents are starting to move in. I don’t know what to expect but it should be a good semester. We went through and did our duty schedule yesterday, I work every other Tuesday, and six/seven weekends of the semester. I?m a little overwhelmed by all the weekends I need to be working near the end of the semester, kind of bummed because it would be nice to be able to spend some time with Jordan then before we part ways for the summer. I am probably going to have to move some around though because of spring retreat. I’ll worry about that once we have a date for the retreat.

In other news yesterday was far to long. Started at 7:30, training from 8ish until 11, paperwork from 11 until noon, off to the All Day meeting w/ Cru from noon until 7, and then from 7 until 2 I was doing more RA stuff (door decks, Bulletin Board, Sorting Forms). I don?t think I should have another day like that in a long time. So many meetings and so much time spent.

To be honest it’s quite surreal to be here as an RA knowing that nine months from now I’ll be living in Europe. So weird. I love it though, God is so amazing and I can’t wait to see what He desires to do here in this dorm. Time to sit here bored out of my mind. 122 Hovlid!

Keep letting God bless ya!

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