We hear it so often, people dream of being to change the world. Every once in a while you meet someone with a bit more realistic goal of changing the world for a group of people, or maybe just a couple person. While it is true that changing life for them does change the world, you understand the difference. It?s become increasingly obvious that if you want to make any difference at all you must have one thing, and only this can change anything at all.

With hope you give more then anything else in the world. Think about it, money, company, health, and even love is nothing without hope. What good is wealth if one has no confidence and hope in its use? It would simply sit and torment with such potential yet causing no real change. The company of others is only as good as that which it is kept by, to a dying person the company of loved ones would be nice and at the same time show them the most tangible change they?ve made in the world. Their offspring can be likened to their change and impact for future generations. Those at their funeral will represent the direct effect they have had on changing the world (with some minor exceptions).

Being able to heal someone will do nothing if when they are alive they have nothing to use that life for. What a tragedy to regain the life you should have lost only to realize how squandered what you already lived was. At least people would be given the chance to correct some of the wrongs of their life and change themselves to appreciate everything so much more. One must wonder if living a life hoping to do better in your second chance is really hope worth grasping onto.

Love, it?s something we all live for and desire in our inner most core. All me ignorant but in all the times I?ve been in love it was so exciting because of her and my feelings for her. I desire to be in love because it would mean that I would not be single, that I would have a companion, have someone to help me through life, and she would be someone I could take pride in. For the moment I have hope that I will be in love, and with that love how will that hope change, will it rest in her? or maybe in what we could do or be together?

You can offer nothing more then who you are. With money I can offer no more then how I am able to see it?s use, my friendship is no greater then the hope I can show you for life, my health is worth nothing more then the work my hands can do while I?m healthy (metaphorically of course), and my love is only as good as I am as a person. Hope allows people to smile in the midst of horrific tragedy, to love the unlovable, give more then they should, and travel to all corners of the world.

If you are the hope you offer the world your change will be miniscule, if your hope is from God (because your hope rests in Christ) then you can give them the best gift of all, eternity praising God. This is why it?s so important to reach out to those around us, we forget the blessing this hope is and how it allows us to see the world. I?ve witnessed God do amazing things because of hope in Him alone. Help us change the world; it?s as simple as talking to your friends and loving on them. Love them by telling them of the hope nothing else can match in all eternity, the love of Christ.

Please let God bless you because He wants to so much,