In all my life I have never seen my life so clearly, I am standing just inside the door and am fully engulfed in the Love and grace the God is pouring down on me. I am soaking up the life he is giving me until even my lips are moist with the truth.

A truth that the world is trying so hard to avoid and not witness. That no matter how obvious God’s presence is in their lives that they will rationalize it in order to avoid the fact that He is real. Maybe you do know Him but yet turn a deaf ear towards his will for your life. You might not understand where and how he is leading you and then you are set out to accomplish your goals by earthly methods.

The truth is that He already knows what you are going to do and how you fit into the plan he has set forth. The only say in the matter you have is weather or not you answer His call on your heart or not. If you will become a servant or if you find it necessary to live a life pleasing to you.

You can accept His grace and your eternity with him and leave it at that. Quell the desire to serve Him to the fullest of your ability. Standing in selfishness, holding the one thing of this world that truly will matter in the next, keeping the word of God from those who long and desire to hear it. God not only longs for our fellowship but our hearts to be fulfilled with him and the work he sets out for us.

To love those around us with such passion and selflessness that it is unheard of on earth! I will strive to live me life to be pleasing to His eyes.

My posting is going to be a little light for the next two weeks as I have final projects, papers, and tests to be working on.

Take care and God bless,