New Blackberry 8320Jordan and I went out Friday and purchased a new phone for me.

I went with the Blackberry 8320 (aka the curve). While it was nearly comparable to the HTC-Dash there was one feature that lead me to choose the curve, UMA (or calls over wifi).

So far the phone has been a great purchase. Initially I was a bit dismayed that none of the phones offered by t-mobile offered GPS. After my brother told me how much of a battery hog the GPS chip can be and that Google Maps would still be there, I decided to remove GPS from my list of non-negotiable features.

So real quick review from my last two days with the phone. I’m quite impressed. The wifi works quite well, and the wifi calling sounds better than expected. I’ve yet to try switch from wifi to normal cell calling (I’ve read that it dropped calls at the initial deployment last year).

Email works well, and setup was super simple, even detecting the type of accounts I’m using. Synced up with outlook quite nicely to get all my contacts onto the phone.

I’m looking forward to being in class and being aware of support/technical issues that might arise at work.
Thanks for your feedback!

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