Everything is really quite interesting right now. The balance of life, work, and school is quite different then the spring quarter. Just last week I finally got caught up on all my studies by completing an intensive course that met the first two weeks of September.

That course was Global and Contextual Studies that laid a foundation for cross cultural ministry (so both local and non-local missions). Really insightful and helped to further mold my understanding and missional focus. The biggest part of this class that drug on was the research paper, of which I chose to do a study of the city of Paris in France. How to tailor ministry and understand the context that one would be entering into for the purpose of planting a church. Really interesting, but took many hours of research, reading, note taking, and writing.

Since finishing that paper and the final early last week I was able to catch up on some neglected readings for my current course load (Preaching, Hermeneutics, and spiritual foundations). I really am enjoying the current courses. Spiritual foundations seems a bit slow and lethargic (in there as I write this) but my hope is that more practical content is on the horizon.

The biggest struggle has been how to increase the time I spend with my wife, friends, and family without compromising my work commitments and my level of academia. One of the biggest struggle that I had through our time in Minneapolis has been the lack of social involvement. I’ve had a great friend in Matt who has meet with me over coffee almost every week. It was these times that have helped me realize that I need more social outlets.

Being back in school has helped as has setting more time aside to spend with my wife. Still feeling this dynamic out for the best balance to have currently in my life.

Also the dynamic of ministry has been interesting. Jordan and I have been waiting for the next ministry we would be actively involved in since we graduated in December. We are to the point now were we are really excited/anxious to get back into ministering in some way. We shall see what this brings.