So as my business keeps growing its very clear my phone isn’t going to cut it much longer, especially as I am going to be starting up grad school again next week.

I went and stopped by my carrier (T-Mobile) only to discover that they didn’t have a single phone meeting my requirements. So I’m kind of in a hard place and looking for any sort of feedback.

Looking for:

  • Smartphone
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • GPS
  • G3 (would be nice)

I was quite miffed that not a single phone T-Mobile carried in their stores has GPS. For being on of the nations leading cell phone providers it caught me off guard.

Wondering what phone you are using and what your expereince has been. Most likely will stick with T-Mobile and purchase a phone elsewhere at full price.

One thought on “Looking into a new phone

  1. I would say to get the Dash… or wait. T-Mobile does not have 3G yet so none of their phones have that capability. In addition, I think that having GPS on a device isn’t quite worth it. I would try out a smart phone with simply Google Maps and I think you’d be surprised at how much even that helps.

    T-Mobile is usually behind the curve when it comes to their network as well as their phones. Supposedly they are getting the new Google back Android phone, but I don’t know what kind of capabilities it has. Also, unless your email provider will “push” e-mail to you, having a smartphone versus a Blackberry doesn’t really matter all that much. Do pay attention to what the data plans cost and what they cover as unexpected costs are not nice.

    Also, GPS is not mainstream on phones and it is a battery eater. Having a dedicated GPS would be a much better solution, unless you are completely prone to getting lost all of the time.

    If you needed one tomorrow… I’d get the Dash. However, there are other considerations, such as what style of phone do you want. Would you want a slide out keyboard? A stylus? Try typing on them in the store and see which ones feel the best… I do a good bit of e-mail and texting on my phone and the keyboard makes a big difference.

    Overall, I think that your requirements for a T-mobile phone cannot be met with devices that they sell. Getting a carrier unlocked phone is an option, but all that will get you is a phone that may have GPS, and may be capable with 3G when it rolls out… eventually. But, the prices on these devices are very pricey ($500+) and typically not worth it unless you have the disposable income to throw at them.

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