I’ve never had one. It wasn’t that there weren’t people in my life who had admirable accomplishments, but they all had so many failures attached to them. Here is the other catch that is never realized. By defining a role model we are un-verbally deciding that the level of their achievement is un-attainable. No matter what I do, who I become, I will always be second to this person.

By looking up to and striving after anyone other then the Christ we are going to fall short of everything that we are possible of becoming. Since no-one can become Christ, we all fall short by our very nature, we are thus striving to the peak of everything possible. Until the day I die I will be running after my first love, the tender embrace that brought me life, the one who saved me from a life of routine, and for whose name I will scream with my last breath before the hush of the worlds.

Fall short of perfection, or fall short of imperfection. The choice is not mine.

It’s muses like this which are so rich in my life that cause me to wonder if I am truly the same as those around me. Things I’ve known since I before I can remember.