A couple days ago I returned from my time in Florence, Italy with my parents. It was a lot of fun and got to see a lot of the things I had studied in my survey of art history courses. So unreal, to think that I was talking on the very street of Dante, and Raphael. Some of the greatest minds and skillful applicators of new technology came from that city. I didn’t meet any though, they have been dead for a while now. Not a surprise, but just don’t want to get your hopes up (and yes, I’m bored as I’m writing this).

We visited the Doma, Baptistery, Uffizi, and this famous covered bridge named Ponte Vecchio. I took a lot of photos (par usual) which you can see in my flickr album dedicated to the trip. Not as many self portraits this time as others. I might get ambitious and make a couple more posts with pictures in them for your viewing pleasure. So generous I know. It was a great time eating food, seeing art, walking streets from antiquity, and being touristy for a couple days.

I, however, am glad to be back home in France where I know what people are saying, and can say something intelligible. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Florence, go for it! Though we were told the whole city gets swamped with tourists come a little later in spring well through summer.

God bless!