I wish I had some eloquent memory of Teddy Knape (1984-2006) that I could write here and help you all know him better. Honestly I don’t, I do know that he loved skiing and died doing what he loved best. I’m not so sure why this is hitting me so hard, or maybe I’m imposing on myself that it should be harder than it is? Either way, he’s now gone and I am left here wondering why. I know that he had a heart condition that played into his short lived life, but that doesn’t make it easier.

Just a while ago I was thinking about the last movie I edited and produced. As of now, half of the cinematographers are past on. When Jon died it was easy to make some sense of, he was older, not in the peak of physical condition, and the heart attack was a surprise but not unexpected. Teddy was much younger, my same age, and that is what makes it so hard. What happened to him could happen to me. I don’t really know what to say aside from the fact that Teddy was dedicated to something he loved so much, that it was infectious to others.

Heres to you teddy, wherever you are. I wish I knew.

One thought on “What to say – Teddy Knape – 84-06

  1. Absolutely great entry. I never got to meet Teddy. I am best friends with Jeff’s sister. When I heard, my heart sank and I felt myself glide through twisted surreal tunnel of confusion. When I think of people who have left us way too soon in life, I turn to this poem

    A life so young released to heaven…
    left on earth we wonder “Why”?
    but some are sent among us briefly…
    some have spirits meant to fly.

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