So often in life we pass by what is so eloquent and worth note that our lives seem drained of so much. Sending us wandering, distressed, for the source of what encompasses us. Bringing each of us to a point where we can’t see beauty in what is in our presence and seek it from something so distant that, at times, it seems impossible to reach.

Leaving our imaginations to aid us in our quest for fulfillment, which conjure up grandeur never before seen. Imagery of distant planets and fanaticized figures with whom we can interact in a state of mind we are weary of unveiling during a more conscious state of being. Slowly becoming so wrapped up in the mental infatuation of what beauty is that we loose our ability to see what we are immersed in and all that surrounds us.

When asked a few weeks ago what beauty was to me I responded with ‘a gentle smile, true intentions, truthful eyes and a feeling of care and self confidence.’ There is nothing in life that can compare with what we as people have the ability to do and become. While seeing a waterfall tucked away in the rainforests of Hawaii is breath taking, or as seeing the perfect sunset is humbling, the power of the human spirit becomes overwhelming when exposed to those willing to see it. Our interactions and self-expression far exceed anything nature can conjure.

Live a life observing the beauty we are graced with on a day-to-day basis.

Take care and God bless,