Got back to school and actually had classes today. They all went really well, started out the day with my honors seminar. It will be a fair amount of reading and a little bit of writing, only a hundred-fifty words per class, with three essays (six-hundred words each) entailing the remaining 75% of the grade. Then drawing we only have four projects to do for the semester and that shouldn’t turn out to be to rough. Then art history rounds out the t/th classes and it’s just like last semester and I should do similarly well.

Picked up my ridiculous number of books this evening as well. I have ten right now and need to buy two, seems like a few to many for my tastes. Was walking back with the lauras and chris when some of the guys from crusade saw me and kidnapped me. Well it was more asking if I wanted to go make dinner with them. I wasn’t exactly sure at first but they talked me into going and it was sweet. For the last while I’ve been trying to balance a secular life with my Christian life, I’m just worried that if I loose touch with that side of who I am that my ability to get through to people on that level will be lost. I might be off base with that and if I am God will hopefully open my eyes to His truth.

Over break I had quite the struggle with my faith, felt like God had let me down for some reason or another but in hindsight I realize that he hasn’t. Knowing that hasn’t completely quelled these emotions though, it is getting better and thanks to the people who have been around and close to me with or without realizing their impact upon me.

Other then all that, I’m settled back in at school and truly loving the new semester. Classes don’t seem to hard, have one more studio class to go to tomorrow and then my CS class that I will most likely not be attending with any regularity. Time to finally put the books away.

Take Care and God bless,

ps. There IS Campus Crusade THIS Thursday at 7:34 in the great hall!