*I seem to spend so much time looking for a way to start these entries…

*Maybe I understand what it is she wants me to be, and realize that I can’t be that for her…

With the dawn of everyday the procession of opportunity proceeds with their plan. Quickly running and to assure the completion of their tasks. Prepping the scenario prior to our arrival at this place, together…

So many thoughts are disturbed tonight, amok, unsure, and scantily comprehendible. The vision for my life is currently curved because of selfish desires. Skewing the path to account for possibly misleading notions. Those notions of misrepresented origin that I believe to be divine.

For short the doors will swing wide,
all will glimpse inside
to discover brokenness
patched and filled
with Your holiness.

For always I am nothing,
merely waiting to serve You.

Time will not stop for anything short of You, daily I fall short and fail.
Forward and onward the rock will roll until the final resting place becomes recessed beneath its embattled face. For the caressing embrace, of the final resting place, shall heal the damaged done from years of onslaught. The journeys unavoidable pain that transcended time is now erased and replaced with love in a single instant into eternity. For now home is near and we are here to the final resting place making the journey worthwhile.
With a mind a mess and God in my heart I will push onward and with an open heart I welcome you by my side.

Loving the story in stride.

Take Care and God Bless,