This series has become very well known across Christian circles in the united states (and potentially other countries as well) and it is difficult to not see why. It offers a non-confrontational way to proclaim the gospel with those we know. Yet when I read the gospels and epistles I don’t see this strategy ANYWHERE. Now I’m not going to go as far as to say that this method isn’t biblical, but there is a major emphasis missing. We as servants of Christ are to be Bold in proclaiming the King and Creator of EVERYTHING (even time), to the point where we realize our chains to the procession of Christ and nothing else matters. When the full grandeur of God is in your sight there is nothing else that matter but His glory. Your friends and there possible rejection of you/your beliefs is secondary.

Next is the attempt to provide a formula for telling others about Christ. The bible shows us over and over again that there are no formulas. When the prophets where called they were each different (personality), every time Jesus healed someone it was done differently (method), and the only consistency was that it was for the Glory of God.

Nowhere in this book do those truths come forward. If the Apostle Paul needed others to pray for his boldness, how much more we need it! This book does provide a good starting point for people, but it must be followed by the truth that God doesn’t like formulas. Every person, life, and moment is uniquely written by Him.

God’s children need tools (like how to first prepare their testimony and an easy starting point with the gospel) to build confidence, which this series does well. If you do go over this with your small group make sure to place emphasis on the uniqueness of God’s plan for everyone, and how to be open and lead by the Spirit. Look into the book of Acts and see how God responded when the Kingdom of God was boldly proclaimed. I would love to see this series completed in a way that encourages people to put God drastically first in their lives.