There is nothing outside of the glory of God. Everything that has ever been created, seen, known, and felt is to bring glory to God. Every purpose every given to us by the Lord has been that His glory might increase. The end goal of the life of Jesus was the worship and glory of God. The very reason I’m in france is that God might receive Glory.

To draw a comparison to something more tangable. The pursuit of every christian endeavor must be the Glory of God. Everything in scripture has been done for the Glory, for Him to receive praise. Even the very basics of the Christian life are focused on God’s Glory; prayer, evangelism, and fellowship. So what was different today then yesterday, why is this some new ‘insight’?

Looking back on what Jesus showed me a couple days ago about beauty, today He helped me make another connection. God receives glory when we are in Nature, and Nature being created by God just radiates and overflows with His glory. This is why I love getting lost in the woods and just being away from the ‘city.’ It allows me to really get an overwhelming taste of the glory of Jesus.