While these are two separate books (the former written before the latter) they were together in the edition I was lent to read. Wow is my first reaction. There was such a hard truth laced through the words, a truth that is so often ignored by today’s church and believers. I could go on for pages to tell of the things that God challenged me with through this author. Causing me to re-look at scripture that I always used to understand because it was taught to me, not because God revealed it, or I experienced it.

If you are someone who is a Christian, and is wondering if what your faith hold is everything. I encourage you to pick up a copy of either book (or both) and dive in. You’ll be challenged and encouraged, see God as bigger and more glorious, and be more excited about what it means to know Jesus.

I give it a Seven out of Seven rating.

(I like rating things out of odd numbers because then you can’t cop out and give an ‘average’ rating).

Review of “By the Power of the Spirit” and “Surprised by the Voice of God” by Jack Deere